About Jeffrey

When he was younger, he discovered the perfect opportunity to use his skills. He was cut out for a career in law from his teenage years. More importantly, he found being a lawyer is a great way to assist people who have been knocked down and are desperate for help.

While politically active in his youth, Jeffrey was attracted to the law and government. Jeffrey Morrell could have built a career in the political world, but he loves being the courtroom to help others.

One thing Jeffrey focuses on is divorce. He can easily guide his clients through the many issues that are involved in divorce cases, such as custody and child support. While most people are miserable after a divorce, Jeffrey likes to let them know that it’s not the end of the world, but rather a chance to start fresh.

He takes pride in not only improve his client’s outlook on the situation but also their future. His intention is to help families move forward.

Back in the early days of his career, Jeffrey noticed some lawyers were more interested in helping themselves instead of helping families in need. For most people involved in these emotionally difficult cases, it’s their first time that they’re involved in the legal system.

It’s all too common to come across lawyers who would reluctantly fight for their clients and purposely draw out the case to run up the bill. Jeffrey launched his career intending to not only give his clients professional advice but also the attention they deserve, and he charges a fixed fee.

Not only is he effective, but also a calming and reassuring companion for his clients. No matter the client, he does his absolute best to make sure they feel appreciated and their concerns are met. He can easily adapt his work style to move forward in a way that everyone is comfortable with.

While in the courtroom, Jeffrey fiercely defends his clients, and he has won many cases. In some of those, he won, despite the odds not being in his favor.

When he begins a case, he considers it a sacred contract and will do whatever in his power to help the defendant, even during the most sensitive and difficult cases. Without a doubt, Jeffrey takes personal pride in helping people.

Before he attended law school, he worked at a Veterans Affairs office in downtown Hawaii. During that time he met a wide range of people from many walks of life. Jeffrey earned his law degree at Marquette University Law School. After that, he quickly began working from the Hetzel Law Office. During those years, he took on a wide range of cases, such as family law, OWI, criminal defense, and personal injury.

Now, Jeffrey only practices family law so he’s not distracted by other cases like criminal or personal injury.

Areas of Practice


Child Custody

Child Support

  • Ripon College

    Politics & Government and National Security Studies (2009)
    Minor in Business

  • Marquette University
    Law School

    Doctor of Jurisprudence (2014)

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